Orukami, or Origami, is the ancient art of paperfolding. Oru means ‘to fold’ and kami means ‘paper’. It is simplistic in its approach. Tools: hands, medium: paper. But, a world of artistic expression lies within the humble confines of this sheet of paper.

I stumbled onto Origami in 1989 and remain devoted to its undying charm to this day. Over the years, I have enjoyed interpreting many models in Origami. My work has been used for advertising campaigns, visual merchandising projects and for event ambience.

I have also been invited by several institutions for Art Installations. Large Origami models is my specialty and I have set 2 world records for the same.

Teaching Origami is an enjoyable activity. I have shared this art in schools, colleges, Engineering/ Management institutes, corporate offices, hospitals and institutions for challenged children.

Within these pages you will be able to see my portfolio of Origami renditions, original models and diagrams for a few favorite models.