Origami for Lexus Asia Pacific

Lexus is a brand that’s always believed in and imbibed the artistry of master craftsmen in their designs.


The takumi masters at Lexus demonstrate their dexterity by folding an Origami design within 90 seconds using merely their non-dominant hand. The title of takumi is bestowed only on those who have shown exceptional skills and exemplary dedication, proving they are indeed worthy of this appellation.

I was aware about this concept and culture in Lexus and was especially honored to have been chosen as one of four artists in the Asia Pacific region to create art for the Lexus LS 2018 promotional film.

Here’s the film: 

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The Lexus LS 2018 campaign was covered by several media houses. Click on logos to read articles on their respective sites:

Inspired by the intricate folded fabric of the Lexus LS, this captivating work orchestrates a mesmerizing symphony of light and shadow.

Indian origami master Himanshu Agrawal, recently created a new masterpiece that is a triumph of intricacy and elegance.

What happens when Lexus challenges four artists at the top of their game to interpret the new Lexus LS? A visual treat and a few surprises.

Himanshu Agrawal, one of India’s leading origami artists, created a piece of origami artwork inspired by the new Lexus LS hand-pleated door design.

What Agrawal has created to celebrate the Lexus LS is a tour de force.

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